Tampa Primal Classes

Our small group primal strength classes allow 6 people to be coached at one time. This allows for individualization and attention while still creating a motivating and exciting environment. Tampa Primal Strength is a unique combination of strength, gymnastics and mobility that leaves you moving better, feeling better and with consistency, astoundingly stronger.


TPS Gymnastics includes separate novice and advanced classes. Tuesday and Thursday 6 pm are for beginners; Saturday 8 AM is for advanced athletes. This class allow for 6 participants max to ensure quality and sufficient individual attention. Our gymnastics coaches come from renowned Gymnastics and Calisthenics backgrounds and have all the best tools to improve your abilities is gymnastics skills including: muscle ups, handstands, handstand push ups and walks, pistols, levers and parrallette skills. You will get a full workout in these classes as well as leave with useful knowledge to continue your gymnastics practice.


TPS Kettlebell is truly a class for ALL people including athletes and general population of all levels. This class allow for 6 participants max to ensure quality and sufficient individual attention. It consists of mobility (principles of Functional Range Conditioning), challenging human primal patterns (breathing, rolling , crawling, jumping, throwing, carrying) as well as enhances strength and conditioning within the limits of each individual. You will always challenge the basic patterns in each class: squat, push, pull, hinge and carry. We have been told many times that this class is sneaky hard!


TPS Mobility is taught by FRC, FMS and Corrective Exercise Specialists. In this class, you will learn the most efficient way to improve your mobility. This is typically not done by stretching but rather challenging participants ability to create tension at the end range of motion. We strive to generate more active, usable motion to help your athletic performance (i.e. catch a snatch in a lower position) as well as help decrease joint pain. The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.

“ Be Strong. Be Useful. ”

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